rickey minor Who is this guy    and why is he so p.o.d?

It’s American Idol’s bandleader for the past 6 seasons, Rickey Minor.  And he was very VERY angry at last night’s show – for good reason.

trans Who is this guy    and why is he so p.o.d?Rickey is leaving American Idol to head up Jay Leno’s band on The Tonight Show.  But did he get a mention or goodbye on last night’s Idol finale?  No not a word.  And that’s what set him off so bad he chewed out the producers backstage.

Simon got his dues – and deserved everything he got.  (No Simon – no show.  I don’t care who they put in there)   Rickey didn’t get a thank you,  good luck, or kiss my butt.   Randy Jackson tried to smooth things over, and  Ricky did go to the after party but the damage was done.  It was too late to make up for the silent dis he got.  I’m sure The Tonight Show will be a much more pleasant experience for him.

Now if we could only shut up Ryan Seacreast………..

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