MORE pockets for HER!

When I was a kid, my Mom always had Kleenex on hand…they were either stuffed up her shirt sleeve or they were stuffed in her bra.  I never thought twice about it.
Apparantly my Mom wasn’t the only one who used her EXTRA POCKET. 
A company has developed and started selling the Cleavage Caddy….

cleavage caddy MORE pockets for HER!The Cleavage Caddy has pockets perfect for your credit cards, driver’s license, lipstick, even your keys. 
BRILLIANT!  Wish I would have thought of this!

Here’s what some of our listeners thought this morning…


One Comment

  1. Carmen D'Amore says:

    Good Morning, Maria

    I hope you get this. Maria, you said this morning, that you love to shop online. I have a great time and money save for you and it is totally FREE!!! Here is a link that really explains how to use My Shopping Genie.
    To down load the Genie go to and click on the Blue Button upper right corner. I have saved
    Over $200.00 in two transactions so far.
    Let me know what you think of it. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

  2. Laura McLaren says:

    I am the inventor of the Cleavage Caddy and wanted to thank you for the media coverage. I would love to talk on air if you are interested. I have many puns on my product as you can imagine but the security aspect is very important!
    Thanks Again!

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