disney blogpost Valley to Cali   Win a trip to Disneyland

KOOL-FM is hooking you up with Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets, so you can be a part of Tom and Maria’s “Valley to Cali” roadtrip. We’re off to the Disneyland Resort to see the premiere of World of Color, The magnificent new nighttime water spectacular.

Watch in wonder as water, light and fire intertwine with Disney storytelling.  Then brace yourself for Fantasmic!, with a 40 foot dragon!  Then we’ll wrap the night with …  Magical, the fireworks spectacular that illuminates the darkness with vibrant colors and breathtaking Disney magic.

Listen workday mornings at 8 as Tom and Maria tell you EXACTLY when you’ll hear the KOOL Song Of The Day, and grab your Disneyland getaway for the family including Park Hopper Tickets and 2 nights at a Disneyland Resort Hotel. Tom and Maria’s “Valley to Cali” Road Trip…we’re off to Disneyland!  Wanna come along?

Comments (20)
  1. michelle pickle says:

    tom and maria l would love to go disneyland l never got a chance to go but l have been to ca two times but l will let my dad and mom know . your friend michelle

  2. Robert Yanez says:

    Tom and Maria I would love to take my family to Disneyland for this spectacular show.

  3. Judy says:

    I listen to you guys all the time at work…and of course when you were announcing the song my phone rang and did not hear it. Are you going to repeat it?

  4. Gina Ladick says:

    This would be awesome!!! Our family would love to go but I missed your announcement, can you tell me which song is the KOOL Song Of The Day? Please, please, please….

  5. Maggie says:

    Dear Tom and Marie: I heard the Song of the day and will be ready to call. I had so much fun the last time you guys went to Ca. I want to do it again. Thanks for all the good times from your station. This is why I have been a loyal fan since 1972. Keep up all the good contest.

  6. Ronald says:

    I havet bee to Disneyland sence I was 16 and I am now 45 I still have the kd in me and would love togo back there

  7. Tami says:

    What # do we call? Just the normal 602-260-9494?

    1. Maria Knight says:

      yes Tammy – 602-260-9494

  8. Michelle says:

    I think it’s disgusting that this radio station is giving away a prize to Disney in California, you know, that state where all the major cities are trying to boycott us. Why don’t you have a contest where the prize would benefit a state that is NOT boycotting us! Duh!

  9. Don Mingo says:

    I have in 61 years Never been. My wife and I planed to do this on our 25th anniversary however she passed at 22 yrs. Still I would like to go. Calif can rattle the saber as much as it wants it is all hipe. No person who depends on business sale here would be sill enough to do boycott. We also can cut the juice
    as aps sells to calif.

  10. Doreen Heller says:

    I get Disneyland fever every so often. I have it so bad right now, I’m on your website leaving this message instead of working, like I should be!!!

  11. Jim Helton says:

    Our 9 Lab puppies kept us up all night and I missed the time and song of the day today can you give me a hint ?

  12. Terry Wood says:

    We haven’t been to Disneyland in years! We just passed our 20th anniversary, so this would REALLY top it off! Thanks for playing myu favorites. KOOL ALL THE WAY!

  13. Mary says:

    I don’t have text on my phone. But wouild like to win a vacation.

  14. Lewis Family says:

    Hi I’m 56 and in bad health if i could win this trip and take my grandbabys that is 7 &3 that would mean alot to them thak you hope to win

  15. Renee says:

    Due to the recession, I won’t be able to take a vacation this year, but if won this it would be affordable.

  16. laura boyd says:

    would sure like to win it for my daughter and her family. They so need a vacation from everyday life.Thanks for the possible opportunity….

  17. Tina Conley says:

    it would be very special for my family to win a trip anywhere,ecspecially Disney land .My 7 yr. old has never been My other daughter who is 18 has gone once last year with her school choir,from Washington High I have been laid off my husband is the only one working right now .My older daughter has had to help out by going to Utah ,on Buddie Passes from friends to help my sister out ,who is going thru Cancer Treatment.A real Vacation with my Family Would be soo nice..

  18. Sam I Am says:

    Hi, I am six years old. Daddy says if I tell you how much my life sucks you will let me win the trip to Disneyland so here it goes. I have tericuloumpamitos. It’s a rare disease that makes me think I’m old and have congenital heart failure. I’m scared off the dark. My pet rat died from herpies, and my sister hates me. Mom gets home later and later from her two jobs and never has time to tell me stories so it’s real hard to go to sleep. I got a D on my math test, but I did my homework and worked so hard! Billy next door calls me names all the time, and then sits next to me at lunch cause he doesn’t have any friends, and I let him even though I shouldn’t. I should be mad and angry cause life is not fair and if I could go to Disneyland then life would be fair and I could tell Billy to shove it and go find somewhere else to eat lunch. Thanks for listening. Sam

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