silver dollar Whats In Your Drawer?Some people are selling some of their old jewelry to make some cash.  Others are parting with their old coins for the same reason.

Recently, an this old silver dollar set the record for the world’s most expensive coin:  7.85 million dollars.  Guess how many coins like this are still around?  Do you have one?

The previous record price paid for a coin was $7,5 million.  It was for a U.S.-minted 1933 $20 gold piece, according to the American Numismatic Association.

Numismatics expert say this 1794 coin, if not the first U.S. silver dollar ever minted, is clearly the first of the approximately 150 still in existence.

Steven L. Contursi, who has owned the mint-condition 1794 Liberty dollar for the past seven years, said he has sold it to the Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation of Sunnyvale for $7.85 million.

Do you have any old coins?

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  1. Cheri says:

    Would you know who is trustworthy in the Valley of the Sun to give informaiton on coins I own? Thanks!!

    1. Good question, Cheri – I don’t know for sure. There is a place I have gone to over the years, just est of 43rd ave on Olive. They are a gold and sliver exchange place. If I were you, I would call a few places and compare what they say; then check online. Hope thathelps.

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