Everybody Lies house md 1395803 1600 1200 I swear this is TRUE.Here’s another useless poll.  but, at least this one amuses me!  It’s about the number of lies told by men and women.  Who do YOU think tells more?  You’re probably right.  Click more and find out…

In a poll of 3,000 people, researchers found that the average man tells three lies every day.  That’s 1,092 a year.  Are women honest?  Not quite.  But, moreso than men.  The average woman lies 728 times a year.  That’s just twice a day.

Who are we lying to?  MOM!  25% of men say they’ve lied to their mother, but only 20% of women admit to having done so.  In comparison, only 10% of people said they are likely to lie to their partner.

What are we lying about?  Men said that they most often lie to their partner about their drinking habits. “I didn’t have that much to drink” is the biggest one.  I’ve used that one!  #1 for women is “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”  I’ve heard that one!!! 

Women feel more guilt than men after telling a lie. 82% say it eats away at their conscience, compared to just 70% of men.

84% of people think there is such a thing as an “acceptable lie.”  75% believe it’s OK to fib if it’s to save someone’s feelings.

55% of people think women are the better liars, even though they tell fewer.

I swear this blog is true!  It’s not one of my three per day!!!


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