exile on main street cover The Rolling Stones come out of Exile

How appropriate that this weeks KOOL featured artist, [lastfm]The Rolling Stones[/lastfm], have a re-release of their classic “Exile On Main Street” album in stores today.  Best Buy has an extra interview disc with theirs and there are 10 previously unreleased tracks no matter where you buy it.  But is it worth buying it again?  Here’s my take….and a couple of samples from the interview disc.It’s a miracle the Stones got anything recorded with all the technical problems they encountered throughout the recording sessions.  That said, to my ears it does sound like a veil of noise has been cut through and we’re one step closer to what actually went on in the studio.  It’s not a make or break difference but if you’re familiar witht eh tracks I think you’ll be pleased with the re-mastering job.  As for the new tracks there’s nothing stunning among the lot – but they don’t sound like throwaway tracks either.  “Good Time Women” sounds like an early version of ‘Tumbling Dice”.  “Pass The Wine”  has the same feel of Eric Burdon’s “Spill The Wine”, and “So Divine” borrows the intro of “Paint It Black”.  There is one throwaway instrumental titled “Title 5” that closes out the bonus disc of the 10 unreleased songs.  So for around $20, what you get is a well re-mastered version of Exile On Main Street, 10 unreleased tracks that aren’t great but some of which are very good, and a 16 minute bonus interview disc if you ge the set at ‘Best Buy’.  Is it worth it?  That’s for you to answer, but I will tell you this,

you could do a lot worse.

Here’s Mick, Keith, and Charlie talking about the Exile album

Charlie, Mick, and Keith, talk about the extra tracks on Exile


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