nash lakers 1 Guess Who I Hate?It’s no secret that I hate the Spurs.  Why?  ‘Cause I think they play dirty.  Maybe not as bad as the Pistons in the 80’s, but that debatable.

But I hate the Lakers too.  Why?  Because Kobe is like a machine.  Is there grey matter in his head or software?  Is he an advanced robot or what?  It’s not so much how good he is, but rather how arrogant he seems.  His ego is bigger than the Staples Center and I can’t wait to see him in an interview talking about how the Suns won the Western Conference Finals this year.

Speaking of interviews, here’s what Nash had to say about last night’s game. “They’re a lot bigger than we are and they had a lot of points in the paint, Phoenix guard and twice MVP Steve Nash told reporters after the team’s first loss in seven games.

“They’re probably going to continue to be taller than us as the series goes on,” he added with a broad grin. “So we’ve got to try to cut down on some of those transition buckets, offensive rebounds, defensive lapses, whatever it is.”

The Suns are a great team and they really can beat the Lakers.

  1. Roberta McKelvy says:

    You Bet!! GO SUNS! I am Orange and i know they can beat the Nasty Lakers. GO SUNS! And I agree with you about the Spurs and Kobe.

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