100513 field dreams hmed.hlarge If you BUY it, he will come.

Did you see “Field Of Dreams?”  GREAT baseball movie!  And, a pretty compelling story about inproving the relationship with your father.  Kevin Costner‘s character plows down a corn field in order to build a baseball diamond that a voice suggested.  Now, the land with that still-standing baseball diamond could be YOURS!

The property near Dyersville, IA is going for $5.4 million.  Don and Becky Lansing, the owners said they love the land, which has been in Don’s family for more than a century, but they’re ready to retire and give up the property.  According to Becky, “It’s really time for us to head to the locker room. Maybe that sounds corny. I don’t care.  We really would just love to become spectators. We want to sit in the bleachers. We want to look forward to all that the ‘Field of Dreams’ will become in the future.”

200px Field of Dreams If you BUY it, he will come.

As I mentioned, the baseball diamond that Universal built STILL exists.  And, it’s been quite the tourist destination!  That is for sale, as is a two-bedroom house, six smaller buildings that include a concession stand, and a 193-acre parcel.


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