large marge thumb Dont spin your VEALS...its the LAST DAY to win $1000.Large Marge here.  Yes, it’s true.  It’s my last day employeed by 94.5 KOOL FM.  My last day to get milked of my mooola.  What am I going to do now? Well, I was actually given a nice severance package…and I am going to use THAT to get an UDDER REDUCTION.  Ox says he knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a PASTURE SURGEON who can help me out. 
I can help YOU out with the MOOOOO times…click more.

The Quarter Million Moola giveaway.  TEN chances today to pick up $1000 in this CBS Radio multi-city contest.  Call 1-866 EASY WIN.   1-866-327-99-46 at 5:45am, 6:25am, 7:50am, 8:40am and 10:05am.  Be the 110th caller and beef up your bank account.  LAST CHANCE.


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