large marge thumb $1000...CUD be yours...Large Marge here.  YES – it’s my last day at 94.5 KOOL…but I haven’t been milked dry yet…
I also haven’t answered fan mail in a LOOOONG time.  So, before I pack up my stuff and I don’t let the barn door hit me in the caboose….I need to answer one more letter.  This letter  comes from a sweet littel girl in Goodyear.  Tiffany asks, ” Hi Marge.  I am your biggest fan.  I want to be an artist someday.  Could you please give me some advice on how to draw a cow?”
Tiffany, just follow the directions…

how to draw marge $1000...CUD be yours...


The Quarter Million Moola giveaway.  TEN chances each week day to pick up $1000 in this CBS Radio multi-city contest.  Call 1-866 EASY WIN.   1-866-327-99-46 at 11:15am, 12:35pm and 1:10pm. Be the 110th caller and beef up your bank account.


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