Why am I gaining weight???

celeb scale Why am I gaining weight???Is that nasty scale being mean again?  Surely, it’s lying…since you have been dieting properly.  You’re not eating unhealthy food!  What’s the problem?  Here are 5 NON-FOOD items that can lead to weight gain.

(Courtesy of Glamour.com)

  1. LACK OF SLEEP.  It slows down your metabolism.  To prove it, Glamour told a group of women to get at least seven-and-a-half hours of sleep each night, but not make any changes to their diet or exercise routines.  After ten weeks, almost all of them lost at least five pounds.  And one woman lost FIFTEEN.
  2. CONSTANT STRESS.  This is something that can ALSO be caused by a lack of sleep.  Stress makes your body produce a hormone called cortisol, which makes you transfer stored sugar from your liver and muscles into your bloodstream.  That makes your insulin levels go up, which tells your body to store more fat. 
  3. STEROIDS.  Not the kind athletes get caught using.  The kind they give to livestock to make them grow faster.  If a cow has steroids in its diet, and you eat the cow, YOU get those steroids too.  Fat cows, and fat chickens equal fat people.  Organic meat and dairy is more expensive, but it’s a lot better for you.  In fact, organic PRODUCE is better too.  A lot of the pesticides they use on fruits and vegetables mess with your hormones and slow down your metabolism.
  4. FOOD PACKAGING.  Some plastics and the lining of some cans contain BPA and PVC, which slow your metabolism just like pesticides do.  BPA stands for “bisphenol A.”  It’s a compound they’ve used in hard plastic bottles and metal cans since the 1960s.  The FDA is still doing research to figure out how harmful it is.  It’s most dangerous for babies and young children, but you should avoid it too.  Check the little triangle on the bottom of plastic bottles.  If it has a number “7” or a number “3” in the middle of it, that means it has BPA.
  5. UNDIAGNOSED FOOD ALLERGIES.  Rashes and chronic digestive problems are signs of a food allergy, but so is excess weight gain.  Eating foods you’re allergic to causes inflammation, which can make you retain fluids.  If you think you have an undiagnosed food allergy, try eliminating some of the common triggers, like dairy, eggs, and wheat.  And if that doesn’t work, ask your doctor.

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