bw Pretty BettyUntil this weekend, it had been 10 YEARS since I watched Saturday Night Live. I was a BIG fan of the early days. And, with the exception of a few years in the mid 80’s, I enjoyed it up to about 1992. But, that’s where it ended. However, there was NO way I would miss Betty White hosting the show! The episode was FUNNY. Here are some of my favorite skits…

Betty was dead-on from the start.  Here’s her monologue:

betty2 Pretty Betty

The Monologue

This bit actually closed out the show…but was one of the funnier in my opinion:

betty1 Pretty Betty

2010 Census

“She’s a lesbian!”

betty3 Pretty Betty


There were also a few skits that didn’t make it to TV.  You can see those, along with the rest of Betty’s great performance, by CLICKING HERE.

Sadly, as good as the show was, I don’t plan on returning next weekend.  Sorry Lorne, this was a one-time deal!


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