89478 4420bfd4 9948 4f5e bccd f0d6e42e0fba Feelin lucky?It’s very rare the powers-that-be let me out of the KOOL Kage.  Tomorrow, it happens…and you are invited!  Oh, did I mention you could win a trip to Hawaii and up to $1500?  Read on…

Come to Fort McDowell Casino tomorrow for our Luau Slot Tournament starting at 1pm.  It’s first come-first served and is limited to 128 players.  I’d get there early!  Sign-up at the Lucky 7 Saloon.

I’m hosting a KOOL VIP party from 6p-8p.  We’ll play the Valley’s Greatest Hits and some games, too!  Brush up on your music trivia…that’s all I’m saying.  Oh, I will also say that if you win the trip to Hawaii, I’ll be VERY jealous!

Want more on this?  Log into your At-Work Rewards account NOW.  And, I’ll see you tomorrow at The Fort!!!

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