Got E-Mail Rage?

Email%20Icon Got E Mail Rage?In a world that is veering away from face-to-face or even vocal conversation (hello, blog), we are seeing more and more “E-Mail Rage” every day!  That is when you receive an e-mail that frustrates you, you flip out, and IMMEDIATELY shoot back a reply in the heat of the moment.  Of course, later – sometimes just seconds after hitting send, you wish you could take it back.

We need to hear vocal inflection in conversation!  ALL CAPS and bold print can be easily misconstrued.  But, texting, e-mail and yes – even blogs like these have taken the voice out of the equation.  There are some ways to avoid E-Mail Rage… 

According to Linda Stone, a former Microsoft and Apple staffer, 26% of companies say they’d fire someone for e-mail misuse.  Nobody can afford that!  Linda says the next time you get an e-mail that ENRAGES you, try these five tips before you do something that could be potentially damaging: 

1) Back away from the computer for a few minutes. 

2) Write the e-mail, but don’t put anyone’s address in the “To” field.
This gives you a way to vent without actually sending the e-mail when you’re done.

3) Vent to another human out loud.
Instead of creating a permanent record of your venting, talk to someone unrelated to the situation.

4) Give people the benefit of the doubt.
Since you can’t pick up any non-verbal clues through e-mail, maybe you’re misinterpreting what you’re reading.

5) Confront the person offline.
Talk on the phone or see them face-to-face to clear up the things that made you angry.  This will make it MUCH easier to resolve things.


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