Conan: The Interview

conan obrien jay leno Conan: The InterviewDid you make it to Conan O’Brien‘s stage show Friday night at the Dodge Theatre?  I did.  And, while it was funny, I walked away feeling ripped off.  I know that not everyone agrees.  Let me tell you why I feel this way…

I paid $75 a ticket.  This wasn’t in the front row.  This wasn’t even on the first level!  I was in the far back row on the 200 balcony.  If THOSE seats cost $75, I expect this to be the show of all shows!  There has been SO much buildup for this stage show.  There would be NO FCC restrictions on what Conan could say or do.  This was going to be incredibly funny!  Not so much.

Funny?  Yes.  Groundbreaking?  No.  Some of his trademark bits were part of the show – including the “masturbating bear” being transformed into the “self-touching panda” to avoid stealing NBC intellectual property.  Triumph The Insult Comic Dog appeared via video.  And, we got songs song by Conan himself.  In fact…TOO MANY!  Less songs, more comedy.  That would have been great!

Anyway, enough of my thoughts.  What about yours?  Leave a comment below.  And, in case you missed the 60 Minutes interview last night, here ya go:



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