1191417770 d7217d75f3 Dust...in the desert?  No!Can we all let out a big, collective “duh” for the yearly “State Of The Air” report card the American Lung Association released today?  Phoenix ranked at or near the top in all three of the “worst cities” reports.  Maybe I’m being cynical here, but we live in the DESERT!  There is going to be dust.

By Ozone, we’re ranked the 11th worst.  By Short-Term Particle Pollution, we’re ranked the 14th worst.  But, by year-Round Particle Pollution (drum roll please), we’re #1!!!  That’s the WORST, not the BEST.

There’s already finger-pointing.  Apparently, they combined Maricopa and Pinal counties to get our ranking.  Had they gone with Maricopa alone, we’d have passed.  Again, doesn’t this make sense?  Pinal is more rural, and Maricopa is more urban.  (Read: LESS SAND!)

Here are a couple links for you:

AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION (read more about the problem)

AZ CENTRAL (read an article on the “State Of The Air” from Shaun McKinnon)

Hey, we’re breathing it.  We should know about it!


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