132826 SunsetDazeM A TV Surprise!Who knew these kinds of parties were going on in Surprise?  Not only will you hear the stories, you will SEE them starting tonight!  The WE network debuts “Sunset Daze,” a reality show surrounding “active” senior citizens living in Surprise at 7pm tonight.

There are definitely some similarities between “Sunset Daze” and “The Golden Girls.”  And, it won’t be hard to compare – as WE runs FOURTEEN episodes of GG in a row…leading up to the debut of SD.

You will meet seven women and two men who are not your stereotypical retirees.  They put all stereotypes to rest right off the bat in the first episode, entitled “We’re Retired, Not Dead.”  Here’s a synopsis from WEtv.com:

Life-of-the-party Sandy has been widowed for 4 years after her husband succumbed to a brain tumor. Sandy has yet to find another man or even show interest in dating. She spends her time hanging with the girls, playing golf and living the single life. But things are about to change for Sandy.

While taking shooting lessons at a gun range, Sandy’s married friend Joanne decides to play matchmaker to get Sandy back out in the world of dating. Sandy shows an interest in shooting instructor Mark, but Joanne has other plans. Joanne searches Sun City Grand for the perfect candidate to date her bubbly, outgoing friend. After making her selection, Joanne surprises Sandy with a high-flying, hot air balloon date with mutual acquaintance, Dick. Are champagne and scenic views enough to win Sandy’s heart?

Ex-nun Ann has a lot of catching up to do in life since she spent most of her younger years in a convent in her native Ireland. Ann now lives the retired life with her loving husband John, cherishing every moment of their time together. Skydiving is at the top of Ann’s personal bucket list, so she decides to test the waters by taking a flight in a wind tunnel. After her experience in the simulator, Ann is determined to make her dream of an actual skydive a reality. The day of the jump, Ann is overwhelmed by the potentially fatal risks involved in skydiving after she sees a monument in memoriam to people who have died skydiving.

Former actress Gail spent her life in show business and longs for the days of yore. She now satisfies her need for the stage by directing a small, amateur, seniors only theater group in Surprise. Though she still yearns for the bright lights of Broadway or Hollywood, Gail makes do. A native New Yorker, Gail moved to Arizona to be closer to her son Cary, a hairdresser. Over a home-cooked brisket dinner, Cary catches Gail off-guard by inviting her to attend the gay rodeo he is organizing with his partner George.

This is a 10 part series that was filmed over 13 weeks in Surprise.  I think I’m setting up the TiVo.  This could be funny.  Here’s a preview:


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