Did you catch the TV Land Awards?

200px Tvland awards1 Did you catch the TV Land Awards?I make a point of watching the TV Land Awards every year.  This year, I was a bit disappointed – for a number of reasons.  First, it was only 90 minutes!  Come on guys…we’re praising 50+ years of television.  Surely, you can fill 2 hours at least.

Then, there was something that didn’t disappoint as much as it SCARED me!  Click more, see if you agree.

paleymelbrooks Did you catch the TV Land Awards?The Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks tribute.  I realize everyone gets old.  But, up until now, these guys never seemed to age.  Every time I’ve seen them together over the years, they were both VERY on the ball.  Quick-witted, quick-reflexed, quick to make me laugh.  Last night, not so much!  They looked uncomfortable.  They looked unrehearsed.  For the first time – to me, anyway – they looked old.  I think the “2000 year-old man” is becoming a reality 😦

As a good friend of mine said on Facebook last night, “I can’t imagine a world without Mel Brooks.  Nor would I want to.”  I really hope the boys aren’t slipping!

As always, your comments are welcome below…


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