Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!

earth day Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!
Earth Day

You can Join the Earth Day Network at these sites:

Earthday.net is a Web site where activists connect and organize Earth Day programs. The network is encouraging acts of environmental service. At the top of the list is a Billion Acts of Green, which compiles the green deeds of individuals, corporations and governments to spur world leaders to make green changes. The Earth Day Network is coordinating large and small-scale projects geared to lowering carbon footprints in conjunction with worldwide community organizations. A number of service activities already are in full swing.
Spearheaded by Earth Day New York, the “E Campaign” is out to give Earth Day a fresh face, inspiring a new generation of hope and commitment to its mission. Their motto, “Be the E,” embodies Mahatma Gandhi’s message to “be the change,” and it even has its own hand symbol – three fingers held sideways to form an “E”! To hop on the “E Campaign” bandwagon, visit Earth Day New York’s Web and create a profile page to connect with other eco-enthusiasts. While you’re at it, post a photo of yourself flashing the “E” sign. On the site, you can find local Earth Day events, educational resources and a handy calculator for figuring your carbon footprint.
Earth911.com created a special “channel” on its Web site for Earth Day. The channel not only features 40 tips about reducing, reusing and recycling, but also hosts a Twitter contest. Two tips are released each day. Simply “Tweet” these tips to be entered into a drawing to receive eco-friendly prizes.
On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the World Wildlife Fund’s “Earth Hour” initiative created a link between energy use and climate change by inspiring hundreds of millions of people to turn off their lights. According to Earth Hour, Americans participated by turning off lights at home and watching 33 state governments and 55 iconic landmarks from the Las Vegas Strip to the Empire State Building go dark. Explore the Earth Hour Web site to learn more and discover how to make a difference between now and next year’s Earth Hour.



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