Your money well spent.

club asu logo colored sparky Your money well spent.Hey Mom and Dad!  You know that dough you’re shelling out for your kid(s) to go to ASU?  Pat yourself on the back.  You’re officially part of one of America’s biggest party-planning committees!  ASU ranks #6 in…well…click more, and I’ll tell you what your kids are doing.

Playboy just released its yearly list of the “Top 10 Party Schools,” and Arizona State University ranked #6!  Aren’t you proud?   GPA stands for “Great Party Animals,” right?

I understand that 6th place may not be good enough for some of you.  I mean, they don’t even give out Olympic medals for 4th place – much less 6th!  SO, latch onto this little fun fact: ASU was ranked #1 in the poll for hottest girls.  Parents, those are YOUR genes!  So, we have YOU to thank for this.  Unless, of course, they’re referring to temperature.  Where else does it hit 120 degrees?


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