robert palmer Addicted To Di?Let me start out by saying this is a RUMOR.  I have no proof this truly happened.  I only know what I see on TV, the newspaper, the internet or a bathroom wall.  That being said, there’s a story going around that [lastfm]Robert Palmer[/lastfm] had an affair with…Princess Diana!!!  Of course, neither can comfirm nor deny as they’re no longer alive.

Here’s what I’ve read…

princess%20diana Addicted To Di?(Courtesy of London’s Sunday Express)

It started as a post by a notorious showbusiness blogger who claimed to have proof of an explosive royal affair. The claims could not have been more controversial: could Diana have had a secret relationship with Robert Palmer? That was the rumour circulating through cyberspace last week after journalist Ian Halperin claimed a close friend of the late singer had confirmed the affair. Mr Halperin said on his site: “It was an extramarital affair that could have hurt a lot of people, the friend said. Diana was in love with Robert and wanted to spend every second with him. “The source insists that the affair was the final straw in Diana’s marriage to Charles. Two years later they divorced.”

Suspicions were raised when the post was removed from his website within days of it being published. Palmer’s widow, Mary Ambrose, took down her Facebook social networking page amid the allegations.

Mary, Palmer’s second wife, was his partner when the affair is alleged to have taken place. The couple were said to be so besotted with one another that she inspired his 1988 hit Simply Irresistible and was the inspiration for his 1994 album Honey.

Because it is legally impossible to defame the dead, the Princess and Palmer are easy targets but, on the face of it, the relationship is not completely implausible. In 1994, Diana had been separated from Charles for two years. In June that year, he admitted during a television interview with Jonathan Dimbleby that he had committed adultery.   Meanwhile, Palmer was in London promoting his album Honey following huge chart success in the Eighties.

Famed for his love of Savile Row suits and fine dining, the charming Yorkshire-born singer always stayed at the St James’s Club in London, a short distance from Diana’s home, Kensington Palace. Although based in Lugano, Switzerland, with Mary Ambrose, Palmer remained a regular visitor to the capital.   

Mr Halperin even suggested that Diana became pregnant and had an abortion. “She went to a private clinic to avoid the biggest scandal ever in Britain,” he said. “They never slept together again because Diana was terrified what Charles would do to her.” But any romance seems unlikely. Although she made no secret of being star-struck by pop acts like Duran Duran and George Michael, Diana never appeared to have much contact with Palmer. It has also been alleged that she embarked on another affair – with the art dealer Oliver Hoare – in 1994.  In her 2004 book, The Real Diana, Lady Colin Campbell even alleged that the Princess had aborted Mr Hoare’s child.

Describing Diana as “almost unhinged with misery and grief”, she claimed the princess made up to 300 nuisance phone calls to Mr Hoare, which were intercepted by his wife.  A year later Diana admitted to an affair with James Hewitt during a BBC interview with Martin Bashir on Panorama. In 1996, her divorce was made final. Both she and Palmer died in Paris – Diana, aged 36, in a car crash in 1997, and Palmer after suffering a heart attack at the age of 54 while on holiday in the French capital in 2003.

Last night, Palmer’s long-time manager Mick Cater poured scorn on the claims, dubbing them “total and utter rubbish.”  He added: “He never even met Princess Diana. Whoever’s written it is lying.”

Halperin, a Canadian who found fame for his articles claiming Michael Jackson had health problems and predicted his death six months before he died last June, said he was preparing a revised post on the story after receiving fresh information.  He said he stood by his abortion claim “100 per cent” but his sources could not be sure that Palmer was the father.  “My sources say Diana had an affair with a rocker called Robert and assumed it was Robert Palmer, but more information has come to light which casts doubt over the story,” he said.  “I have since spoken to someone very close to Robert Palmer who says it isn’t true and he swears he wouldn’t give me the run-around.  “If I can’t prove it, I don’t post it. I stand by the story but it was probably another Robert.”

Mary Ambrose was unavailable for comment last night.

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  1. Nell Barincourt says:

    I did not know Robert Palmer, but I would guess that he did not have an affair with the beautiful Princess Diana. Members of the Royal Family have lives that are very structured and an affair with a famous person would have gotten out immediatley. I recall the Princess Margaret Rose and Peter Sellars scandal. Also, Robert Palmer was married to Susan Palmer in 1988 and was still married to her in 1994. They divorced in 1999 according to the Palmer family. Although Robert Palmer casually dated Mary Ambrose, she was also his live-in Estate Manager and Personal Assistant. She dated Robert Palmer and many others, having two children from friends of Palmer in 2001 and 2002, her first son being the result of her affair with Palmer’s manager, Mick Carter. He was not dating her at the time of his death. Robert Palmer’s girlfriend since 1999 after his divorce from Susan Palmer was Geraldine Edwards, the main inspiration for Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She had been friends with him since 1975, and the two were looking for an Estate in the Los Angeles area prior to Robert Palmer’s death. From what I have read, Robert Palmer was in the process of buying the Compendia Records Group and wanted to make Southern California his base of operations. So, although I am sure Robert Palmer must have admired Princess Diana, and who would not, I doubt that they even met one another.

  2. Michael- Thanks so much for the clarification! And, thanks for checking out

    1. Michael Ambrose says:

      You are welcome Jeffrey. Since the Sunday Express provided so much inaccurate and far-fetched information regarding this situation, I am loath to believe this rumor. Also, Mick Carter was not Robert Palmer’s long time manager, he only manged Palmer from 1998 forwards. His first manager, David Harper, was with him from the early seventies until 1998. And finally, my sister, Mary Ambrose, never had any Facebook to take down amid allegations. She never had a Facebook account in the first place. That was pure fabrication on the writer’s part. It sounds funny in this day and age, but Mary never learned how to use a computer. She is not comfortable around them. As for her being unavailable for comment all I can say is that Mick Carter had contact information for her that he did not provide to the press, and no attempt was made to contact my sister in the first place. Stay KOOL. Thanks.

  3. Suzanne Parks says:

    I was Robert Palmer’s Publicist from 1989 until 1999. I am able to answer the question of whether or not my client had an affair with Princess Diana. He did not. He always had a vested interest in meeting the Princess, and on several occasions attemtps were made to have him entered unto guestlists where Princess Diana would be in attendance, however, the guestlists were tighthtly conrolled by personnel representing the Royal House, and in reality very few people who wanted to meet the Princess received their opportunity to do so. He was a regualr contributor to her charites, and was an admirer of hers, but he never met her. Also, Mary Ambrose was not Robert Palmer’s second wife. The two never married. He did date her casually from 2000 to early 2003. Robert Palmer was engaged to Geraldine Edwards at the time of his death.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Suzanne. Always good to get first hand information.

  4. Suzanne Parkes says:

    Please pardon my typos in my previous statement. At my age I definintely need to use my glasses when I go on line. I wanted to make one more correction to this article. Regarding my client Robert Palmer’s marital history, he was married in 1972 to the former Shelly Ann Putnam. The two had three children and divorced in 1978. My clients second wife was the former Susan Eileen Thatcher who my client married in 1979. They had two children together and divorced in 1999. Although my client was engaged to Geraldine Edwards at the time of his death, he was only married twice.

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