tiger woods KOOL Listeners Talk About Whether They Want Him To Do Well.
Tiger Woods

We asked listeners to tell us whether they wanted to see Tiger do well at the Masters, or whether they wanted to see him fail.  Here’s what a few said…

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  1. Sherry says:

    I never have cared, still don’t care, and never will care. I think professional sports are over rated and paid too much, thanks to the dumb consumers. If I want something I buy it because I want it not because a celebrity endorses it.

  2. CherylDoak says:

    Shame on Tiger for making a comeback at the “most prestigious golf event” of the year. Professional golfers playing at the Masters are an elite, respectable group who can rise above Tiger’s total lack of respect for them and the game of golf just by making this his platform for sympathy. He chose the cowards way out in making a comeback there and once again he should be ashamed of himself. Playing in August will provide him assurance that he will not be subjected to outbursts or any type of distractions. He deserves no sympathy for the situation he’s placed himself and his family in – he did this all on his own, and he should be made to deal with it on his own and not expect the Pro Tour to be his buffer zone. I don’t care how he does at the Masters because he’s totally insignificant and shameless and doesn’t deserve the time it would take to remember his name.

  3. michelle pickle says:

    l dont ever like tiger woods and l dont care anymore what he did to his family michelle

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