What a pain to try and talk on your cel phone when there’s noise in the background.

What a pain standing in line at (insert wherever you shop) listening to someone screaming a conversation to someone on the other end, while the clerk and everyone in line are subjected to the wait and noise.  As you can tell it’s a pet peeve of mine. Anyone remember manners?

There was one solution worked out for this mess long before cel phones became the convenience/intrusion they are today.


7 laryngaphone 1929 Stupid invention #7 has a very practical side to it

Initially I thought this was one of the dumbest ideas ever.  But the more I thought about it, it really was a clever use of  the technology available at the time.  Trying to makea call from a phone booth (remember them?  Ask Superman) with all the traffice and background noises must have been a challenge.  Enter the Laryngaphone which only transmitted vibrations from vocal chords when the microphone was placed against the throat or cheek.  So how well did it work?  Answer this:

Did you ever hear of one before reading this?


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