“I (Didn’t) Feel The Earth Move”

earthquake I (Didnt) Feel The Earth MoveMost of my life has been spent on the East coast, with a five year stop in Chicago – and one in Indianapolis.  So, it makes sense that I’ve never been in an earthquake.  By now, you’ve probably heard of the one in Baja California yesterday.  It measured 7.2 on the Richter scale.  If you turned on the TV or listened to Tom & Maria this morning, you know it could be felt here in the Valley!

I FELT NOTHING…and I am jealous.

Jealous of those here in Arizona, that is.  The folks closer to the epicenter – well, I wouldn’t trade places with them!  Tom posted some video of lights swaying.  Maria posted on facebook that she saw water splashing around in the pool.  I was sitting in my office at work when it hit at 3:40pm.

Problem #1: I was at work on a Sunday afternoon…EASTER, no less!

Problem #2: Didn’t feel a damn thing.

Maybe the historic KOY building we call home here at CBS is just SO well braced that we are immune to seismic activity.  Maybe the shock was SO powerful I was rendered unconscious for a brief time, and didn’t even realize it.  Or, maybe it was nobody’s fault.  “Fault.”  Get it?

Let me know if you saw or felt the effects.  I feel soooooooooooo left out!


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