You know the name?  Maybe not.  He was the lead singer for   [lastfm]The Crests[/lastfm].  Still nothing?  How about any of these songs: Sixteen Candles, Trouble In Paradise (calling all angels), Step By Step?  Or The Worst That Could Happen and Blessed Is The Rain by [lastfm]the Brooklyn Bridge[/lastfm]?  He was sang lead for them too.

Johnny lost his battle with cancer last night in Florida.  He was  70.

I never saw him in person, but Channel 8 ran a series of musical reunions a couple of years ago which included Johnny, still in great voice.

One final note from his early days in New York.  He would often perform with black singers at a time when interracial groups were a relative rarity.  In 1956 he became the lead singer for a black group from the projects in Chinatown.  Their group included a second tenor named Patricia Van Dross who had little brother named Luther.

And we all know what happened to him.

Comments (3)
  1. DiDi says:

    A beautiful voice has been silenced but not forgotten. I had the biggest crush on Johnney when I was just a little girl.

  2. Edward says:

    Thank you Steve! I KNEW you would mention Johnny’s passing. I asked Kris Abrams to play something in Johnny’s memory this morning because the man literally had “two” musical careers that spanned over 50 years! Nothing! Not even a mention of his death during the Morning Show during their news reports! So sad when a “FORMER” oldies station cannot even mention the passing of an early R&R guy! I came to because I knew you’ld have something about him!

  3. urdead2me says:

    RIP – Johnny Maestro, 70, was a Lower East Side teen when he crooned “16 Candles,” (originally “21 Candles” changed @ the last minute to appeal to minors.) He later had a #3 hit w/ “Worst That Could Happen” — that being cancer.

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