gm1983 Merlin Olsen is deadNews JUST broke that former TV and NFL star Merlin Olsen died last night at age 69.  He was diagnosed with mesothelioma last year.

I hate to speculate — OK, I LOVE to speculate.  It’s in my blood.  But, with Corey Haim’s passing yesterday, could this be 2/3 of a Celebrity Death Trifecta?  Click more, and I will explain.

As the Little House On The Prairie star heads to the “Little House In The Sky,” he may be accompanied by two other celebrities.  Celebrities tend to die in groups of three.  This is called a Celebrity Death Trifecta (or CDT for short).  It’s creepy, but true!  This has been happening for years and years and years.  2009 was a red letter year in CDTs.  Need I remind you of June 25th?  Both Farrah Fawcett AND [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm] died on the same exact day.  Just days later, we lost Gale Storm, Fred Travalena and Billy Mays!  Hey, show Fred some respect.  He was a star.

There are generally two points of contention in a CDT: 1) Was this person truly a celebrity?  Without an official committee, that is all in the eye of the beholder.  And, 2) How far apart can the deaths occur and still be considered a trifecta?  I don’t have a concrete answer for this one.  But, my “rule of thumb” is within a week.  That rule can be – and has been – broken.

Soooooooo…who’s next?  Place your bets below.  And, don’t say Abe Vigoda!  That man is immortal.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Last July Ed McMan passed away first. About 4 days later Farrah Fawcett passed away than the next day Michael dies. That is why every one thinks they died on the same day. When Farrah died they didn’t give her any coverage than when Micheal past you never heard about Farrah again because he was taking up all the news.

    1. Yeah, that’s another problem with the CDTs. You can’t mourn everyone equally. But, I must correct you. Farrah and Michael DID die on the same day. They were both on Thursday. June 25, 2009. Ed died just 2 days prior to that on the 23rd. As I said, June of ’09 was a HUGE month for CDTs.

      Thanks so much for listening AND for commenting, Maggie!

  2. REBEL says:

    this is 3 out of 3 Willie Mays died on monday

    1. Rebel-

      Where are you getting your information? I did some research, and Willie Mays is alive and well!

  3. Just Julie says:

    My husband and I turned to each other when we saw Abe in the Snickers commercial on the Superbowl and said “I thought he was dead!” My guess is it will be a sudden death, someone who’s been sick but expected to make it like Michael J. Fox.

    1. Jeffrey T. Mason says:

      Julie- EVERYONE thinks Abe is dead! But, that man is indestructible. He’s my hero 🙂

      Of course, we eventually found out #3 in the CDT was Peter Graves. So sad.

      Thanks for listening! I appreciate it…

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