madmenbarbie Barbie is MAD!I know SO many people who collect Barbie dolls.  That list is not limited to any one particular age or even gender.  Most collect them for sentimental reasons.  But, let’s face it: some of these dolls are worth BIG BUCKS!  Guys, if you were previously embarassed to own Barbie dolls, NOW you have an excuse.  Say hello to Mad Men Barbie!

That’s right!  Don Draper and friends are moving to Barbieland, thanks to Mattel.  Make room for Don, as well as his partner, Roger SterlingAMC’s “Mad Men” may very well be one of the most sexist shows on TV.  That’s because it’s based on NYC advertising execs of the 1960’s.  And, THEY were sexist!  But, fear not.  The ladies are coming along for the ride.  Betty Draper (Don’s wife) and office manager Joan Holloway will also be immortalized in Barbie fashion.  You can find the new line of dolls in stores this July for just under $75.

Do you think this will make it acceptable for more men to buy Barbie dolls?  I honestly don’t know many women who like the show, largely due to the sexist dialogue!  So, I gotta assume this will be geared towards the Mad Men fans – which are, mainly, male.  Let me know how YOU feel below…in the comment section.

  1. mariaknight says:

    Why does this group of Barbies look like Nicole Kidman, Steve Martin, Freddie P. Jr. and Elizabeth Montgomery?? hehehe

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