1946 – [lastfm]MURRAY HEAD[/lastfm] (JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR)

1947 – [lastfm]EDDIE HODGES[/lastfm]

1948 – [lastfm]EDDY GRANT[/lastfm] (‘ELECTRIC AVENUE’)

1952 – ALLAN CLARKE ([lastfm]DIRE STRAITS[/lastfm])

1958 – [lastfm]ANDY GIBB[/lastfm] DEPARTED

1982 – JOHN BELUSHI ([lastfm]BLUES BROTHERS[/lastfm])


1963 – [lastfm]PATSY CLINE[/lastfm]

You may have seen the movie ‘Sweet Dreams’ with Jessica Lange playing the late singer, but just how good was the real Patsy?

Patsy Cline

You’ve heard at least some of her songs: Sweet Dreams, Walkin’ After Midnight, and of course Crazy.

[lastfm]Patsy Cline[/lastfm] wasn’t beautiful.  She could dress up well, but for the most part she wasn’t what you’d call pretty in the classic sense.  Patsy had her faults – don’t we all.  She’s be the first to admit that.  And that voice.  47 years after the plane crash that took her life, no one has even come close.  All the anguished sounding-over theatrical singing girls on American Idol all sound the same.  No one has ever sounded like [lastfm]Patsy Cline[/lastfm].

And she was just as good live as in the studio…

This was one of her first tv appearances after a horrific car accident that disfigured her face and nearly killed her.  She wore a headband to cover up some of the scars.  Less than a year lateron March 5, 1963, she would die in a plane crash.


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