1923 – [lastfm]DOC WATSON[/lastfm] (BLUEGRASS GREAT)

1941 – KEITH POTGER ([lastfm]THE SEEKERS[/lastfm])

1942 – TONY MEEHAN ([lastfm]SHADOWS[/lastfm])

1943 – [lastfm]LOU REED[/lastfm]

1948 – [lastfm]LARRY CARLTON[/lastfm]

1949 – [lastfm]EDDIE MONEY[/lastfm]

1950 [lastfm]- KAREN CARPENTER[/lastfm] – DEPARTED

1955 – JAY OSMOND ([lastfm]THE OSMONDS[/lastfm])

1956 – JOHN COWSILL ([lastfm]THE COWSILLS[/lastfm])

1956 – MARK EVANS ([lastfm]AC/DC[/lastfm])

1959 – LARRY STEWART ([lastfm]RESTLESS HEART[/lastfm])

1962 – JON [lastfm]BON JOVI[/lastfm]

Karen Carpenter would have been 60 today.  Here, she talks about [lastfm]The Carpenters[/lastfm] first two singles.

carpenters close to you album cover Birthdays and Departures   Tuesday

  1. Iris says:

    Even after all of this time…remembering Karen’s leaving us, still makes me sad and “hurts my heart”. She was far more talented than any of the current “hot” performers. She and Richard’s songs were played at “all” weddings for many years. She will continue to be missed and admired.

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