1904 – [lastfm]GLENN MILLER[/lastfm]DEPARTED

1927 – [lastfm]HARRY BELAFONTE[/lastfm] (DAY-O)

1934 – [lastfm]JIM ED BROWN[/lastfm] ([lastfm]THE BROWNS[/lastfm])

1942 – JERRY FISHER ([lastfm]BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS[/lastfm])

1944 – MIKE D’AMBRO ([lastfm]MANFRED MANN[/lastfm])

1944 – [lastfm]ROGER DALTRY[/lastfm] ([lastfm]THE WHO[/lastfm])

1946 – TONY ASHTON ([lastfm]ASHTON GARDNER AND DYKE[/lastfm])

1957 – JOHN CARROLL ([lastfm]STARLAND VOCAL BAND[/lastfm])

Ok, including Glenn Miller begs the question “Why have a guy that was born over a hundred years ago on the list?”

Couple of reasons –  A:  Everybody knows the song “In The Mood” – you may not know it by title, but you’ve heard the song.  And for a track that was recorded over 70 years ago to still be recognizable is stunning to me.  (Take a listen to a recent re-recording by the band) 

                                          B:  The Glenn Miller Band sold out two shows Saturday  in Scottsdale.  There were pre teen, teen, 20-something, 30-something and above sprinkled in among the white hair.  Other than The Beatles and Elvis, you think we’ll be able to say that about many other acts?  What do you think?


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