He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame the very first year and out of all the early rockers still alive, he still sounds pretty much the same as he did when he made his first record over 60 years ago.  I only met [lastfm]Fats Domino[/lastfm] once.  It was in the mid 80’s when I caught his show in New York.  With four honking sax’s he blew through hit after hit after hit – effortlessly.  He never blew through songs like some acts did when they were tired of singing them (Elvis comes to mind).  When Katrina hit and destroyed his New Orleans home he went missing for a few hours and many, including me, feared the worst.  Happily he survived – rebuilt his home – and today is celebrating his 82nd birthday.

Happy birthday Fats.  And thanks for 61 years of great music.

sg fats mid 80s One of rock and rolls founding fathers is 82 today


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