A Rare Comic Book Sells For One-Million Dollars

23superman articleinline A Rare Comic Book Sells For One Million Dollars

Rare Superman Comic

An unknown buyer shelled out a record-breaking one-million dollars this week for an extremely rare comic book. The 1938 edition of “Action Comics Number One” featured the first appearance of Superman and is widely referred to as the “Holy Grail” of the comic book world. Just 100 copies are believed to be in existence. The copy sold on Monday is even more rare because it’s in “very fine” condition, making it one of only a handful to score an eight out of ten or higher on the universally used comic grading scale.  The sale went down just minutes after the comic book went up on the auction website ComicConnect.com around 10:30 a.m. on Monday.  ComicConnect representatives are not releasing the name of the seller, who they describe as a “well-known individual” in New York who has used the company’s services before.  The previous top-selling comic book was a lower-quality copy of “Action Comics Number One.”  That one went for more than 317-thousand dollars.

CLICK HERE for a list of high value comics.


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