Ryan%20Miller 2 Do you believe in miracles?I spent Sunday night in Mesa watching two enormous screens side-by-side. One had the Suns/Kings game. The other had the Olympic hockey game. Both screens made me very happy! The Suns came back from behind to win the game 104-88! That is thanks to Steve Nash‘s 17 assists. Boo-ya! And then, there was the USA/Canada hockey game…

When you think of hockey, you think Canada. And, with this year’s Olympics being IN Canada, I just assumed they were a shoe-in to win it all. Boy, was I wrong. And, boy, am I happy! When I started watching, we were leading 3-2. Then, it was 4-2. The crowd went wild (in Mesa, NOT Canada)! Canada scored a goal, making it 4-3. Now, we’re just seconds from the end of the 3rd period…and from out of nowhere, Team USA gets another goal! We beat Canada 5-3 at their own game!

I didn’t realize quite how big this was until the announcers mentioned the last time that Team USA beat Canada in Olympic hockey was in 1960. 1960!!! Now, granted, this isn’t the “big one.” We’re just advancing to the quarter-finals, and Canada still has one shot to make it there. But, WOW! What a game. This happened just ONE day shy of the 30th anniversary of the “Miracle On Ice.”

  1. JESUS says:

    why, yes jeffery, see miracles do happen you are so right!!!!!!!

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