CarlyAdLeft Can you make a Vain video?“You’re So Vain” from [lastfm]Carly Simon[/lastfm] was released in 1972, LONG before the debut of MTV or music videos in general. Now, 38 years later, she wants one!  And, she wants YOU to make the video.

Carly is accepting submissions for videos to go along with the original version of the song, or the remake from her most recent album, “Never Been Gone.”  It sure would help to know who the song is REALLY about, wouldn’t it?  Everyone THINKS it’s Warren Beatty.  But, that’s never been confirmed.  Could be [lastfm]James Taylor[/lastfm] (her ex-) or even [lastfm]Mick Jagger[/lastfm].  Though, I doubt it’s Mick.  He sings backup on the song!!!

Dick Ebersole from NBC Sports knows the answer.  He actually won an auction where people bid on the true identity.  So, give Dick a call…then get all the details by CLICKING HERE!  Who do you think it is???


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