val card Whos Buying Those Valentines Day Cards...Men or Women?It’s a toss-up whether men or women receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, but women definitely buy more of them.
   A survey by card maker American Greetings finds 85 percent of the Valentine’s Day cards purchased every year are purchased by women. By comparison, most men consider buying Valentine’s Day cards an “ordeal.”
   And while women said they preferred sending and receiving the more traditional, hearts-and-flowers verse-type Valentine’s Day cards, both men and women said they liked humorous cards.  Hallmark has tracked their Valentine sales. In all major cities of the country you’d expect them to do that but you wouldn’t expect what they found: the most popular card was the same in every single city in the country.
   It’s a Valentine with deep red foil on the front. It has black script saying, “For the One I Love,” a picture of a rose and a black ribbon.

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