Is Love In The Air… At The Office?????

office love Is Love In The Air... At The Office?????

Office Romance

That special someone could be closer than you think.  Just under 40-percent of those taking part in a new poll say they’ve dated a person with whom they work, and for 32-percent, that relationship led to marriage.  Eight-percent of those surveyed admit there’s someone on the job they’d like to date, but men are nearly three-times more likely to fancy a co-worker than women.  Some of those involved in office romances in the past year weren’t dating a colleague but someone holding a superior position in the company.  Women are more likely than men to get involved with someone higher up.  Thirty-percent of the ladies have dated someone ranked above them, along with 19-percent of men.  For 12-percent, the relationship sparked when they ran into each other outside the office. 

While some companies have policies discouraging personal relationships among employees, two-thirds of the those dating someone at work say they aren’t hiding their romance.


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