brees My Superbowl Faves!First, a huuuuuuge congratulations to the New Orleans Saints! They weren’t my first choice, my second, or even my third for the Super Bowl. BUT, I am a fan of the underdog. And, that they were! First time at the big game, and they left with the trophy and rings! Now, can people stop it with the “Who Dat???”

Honestly, I paid more attention to the commercials than the game itself. Overall, I was not impressed with the ads. But, I did come up with my top three picks. In case you missed them, let’s watch together:

This is my #3 pick. Who doesn’t remember the original Superbowl Shuffle from the 80’s? Boost Mobile brought the guys back, minus Walter Payton (R.I.P.). This is the ENTIRE video.

#2 has to be the Snickers commercial with Betty White. Besides the fact that she’s still hilarious, this commercial has ABE VIGODA!!! The man will live forever, and is a personal hero of mine.

My absolute fave this year may have been the shortest commercial aired, and it wasn’t even a commercial! It’s a promo for David Letterman. We’ve seen Dave and Oprah before. But, who’s jaw didn’t drop when they panned to…well, watch and find out!

Wanna see all the commercials? CLICK HERE, then make your own favorites list below!


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