Valentines20Day The Post Valentines DUMP!Look what’s here this weekend…Chocolate/Flowers/Greeting Cards Day!  Or, as some call it…”Valentine’s Day.”  SO many people I know who are in bad relationships will wait until AFTER Valentine’s Day to dump their partner.  I guess they figure it’s better to be with the wrong person than to spend the “holiday” alone!  I’m curious on your thoughts.  Be sure to comment below.

Now, onto WHY these couples are together in the first place.  Maxim and Marie Claire surveyed women about dating, and found the following:

  • 13% of women admit they date guys who are jerks because they think they can change them.
  • 36% say they go out with them because being with a jerk makes the sweet moments even sweeter.
  • 77% of the women polled said it bothers them when their guy checks out other women, but the rest aren’t bothered because they know men “can’t help it.”
  • 51% of women would break up with their man immediately if he cheated.
  • 42% would first find out why the affair happened and then consider “putting him on probation.”
  • 5% would go out and have an affair of their own.

As they say, knowledge is power!  Or, in this case, sheer confusion for me…the guy.  “Men are from Mars…”


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